We would like to thank everyone who supported us over the last 28 years!

In 1988, our story started with six friends who had a passion for Bhangra music and dance and wanted to set up a Bhangra Dance Group. Soon after setting up, the team started growing with new members joining.

Not in our wildest dreams did we imagine that Gabhru Panjab De Bhangra Dancers would grow into one of the most successful Bhangra dance groups outside of India to date. Today GPD have contributed significantly to the entertainment industry in the UK and are proud to have well over 200 registered members.

Gabhru Panjab De (meaning Youth of the Panjab), are one of the leading Bhangra dance groups in the world and are considered as the ambassadors of Bhangra with numerous performances across the globe and many accolades to show for their efforts.

We are highly determined to continue our success, to improve ourselves even further and to inspire the next generation of performers. We are always training and developing ourselves individually and bringing new moves and ideas back to the table.

The very foundations of GPD have always been to develop a culture that reflects our core values of collaboration, openness, respect and empowerment as well as staying in touch with our culture and heritage.

Today we are proud to have over 200+ members of GPD consisting of dancers, Dhol drummers, singers and musicians from across UK. This has enabled us to establish a solid base for future generations.

Today we have four main teams: Live Team, Mixed Team, Juniors Team and a Dhol Team.

Gabhru Panjab De Bhangra Dancers are committed to maintaining the essence and origin of Bhangra dance whilst expanding the genre to broader audiences.